Monday, June 10, 2013

Right Addressed!

Hi there,

As you all know guy's that, I am working in a corporation company for 5 years.. okay.. 5 years.. yes, I have to reiterate that.

When we say respect ,  I know that we are earning it,right?

Hmmm.. Before I start my rant, well I would like to inform that It is my own blog.It is my personal property, so what ever I am going to write here is all about my opinion, insights and some things that I observed,.

Hoookay.. now lemme move on..

First Let's define the ff words.

Supervisor-  Supervises and in charge of giving directions, and controls the execution of other programs.

HR- Mejo mabigat to right,, or let we say na isa sa mataas na position sa isang company.needed to receive a lot of respect, even the right, Address..

Let's start with the HR
 I just observed that in our company, Our  HR is not properly addressed ng isang empleyado..
Well, What am I talking about?

San ba kayo nakakita ng isang company na ang HR ay inaadressed ng Ate?? hmmm. Well, muther's , they are not sister's okay.. Do you think it's correct to addressed HER that way?

Well, this HR of ours, is the 2nd Hr, She addressed the same way..See.. ate!!!  weew.. sana lahat ng HR ganun ang addressed noh,, kapatid.. kaibigan, ka chokaran, ka beso beso..
vuuulok na system..

I have previous jobs too, and I became close to our HR but, I addressed her properly still. duh,, nasa trabaho kaya kayo,,wala kaya kayo sa labas to call her that way..isn't impolite?  please correct me if im wrong with this insight's of mine okay.

Second ; Supervisor's-  well ! well !  well !  eto sometimes, first name basis lang,.. hmmm, or sometime's daddy yoh..  magtatay kayo? d nga.?? hindi ko ata alam yun..

Allright guy's, I didn't mean anything about this observations of mine okay, baka sabihin naiinggit me. of course not!!  Well just to let you know, I studied Secretarial and our instructor thought us on how to addressed office personnel properly.I just observed lang kasi minsan na parang nag kakaron ng favoritism., politics. etc. pag close ka ng HR and VISOR, parang you can get the special treatment., like not feeling well si close employee, nilapitan ni VISOR, subclass agad, bypass si TL, eh pano yung ibang may sakit na keber, kinakaya lang,.

My point is,, be FAIR enough.. ACT like a professional..

That's it pancit...


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