Monday, June 10, 2013

Sunday Madness!!

I was, busy during weekends.

as you all know, that I don't have househelp/yaya , so I need to do the house chores,
during those days.. tsk.tsk..

Allright, yesterday Sunday, we went out to buy some stuffs for Ivy's needed in

I covered her books and notebooks yesterday till midnight. OMG.. Please forgive me about this
guys, wala talaga ko masyado time during weekdays to do those things, kaya yesterday ko lang natapos lahat, Well natapos ko naman so Good job to me.

Sorry kung walang pic. malabo kasi ang camera ng fown ko, poorita pa me, okies..

Ohh by the way mga muthers.I forgot to tell you about the
touching words that I got from my student  last friday.

well here it is.

Me; Our time is over now, teacher have to say goodbye now
Student: just staring at me.
Me; hello, Bye now..It's time now.
 Student: bye.. I love you
Me. Surpised..ahhhhhhh..

Wew.. finally narinig ko rin siya mag salita ng isang mahaba habang words , and of
course Im happy, dahil if you only knew guys. how I am having a hard time to teach him.
napasaya niya ko sa three words niya..

That's it for now muthers..

have a great days ahead..and Happy Monday.


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