Sunday, May 12, 2013

I love weekend's

I really love Saturday!!  because It means more sleep for me, well it is just for now. nasa bakasyon ang aking baby girl.

Yesterday,i woke up really late what time?? ahem 12 noon..
hindi pa sana me gigising but, someone send me a message in my cellphone..and when i saw it, )

It was my honey.. (kilig )

We had a chit chat thru ym.. ahahaha. ym talaga.. wala raw kasi skype sa net cafe na pinupuntahan niya. so sorry nalang..

Moving forward, I went out yesterday, I met my friend/colleague, because she will cut my hair and do the rebond na rin. I'll make a new post about it..

Another reason why i love saturday, because it is the only that i can be with my love one's.most especially when the school year start already..
We have this scenario everyday..

Ivorie will go to school at 7am till 12:30 noon.
then I go to work at 2pm-11pm.. I usually leave our house at 1 pm .since im poorita and no car, commute lang siyempre.
Meaning to say, hindi na kami halos nagkakausap everyday, i felt bad rin kasi during those day's hindi ko siya natutulungan sa mga school homeworks niya.. tsk.tsk.tsk.. bad momma..
when i go home already, she is asleep already..  See no time to have a chit chat ,no time to review with me!

That is why the only day that we have together is weekend..

That is why I love Saturday and Sunday.. I love weekend..

How about you guy's.. How do you manage your time between career and family.?


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