Thursday, May 16, 2013

Busy as a bee.

Hi to all,

Kamusta naman kayo? Weew, I was so busy as a bee yesterday, that's why I wasn't to post my blog.. tsk.tsk..
I was so tired yesterday,  because of my classes,im not complaining ok.but I make bawi today, because i only have a few.. yes. means more pahinga. thank you lord.
Allright, moving on, I would like to tell you about my so called raket..

Now I have bubblews and humanatic.. Bubblews is like a blog, however you can earn when someone hit like , dislikes, yes you read it right, even dislikes has pay,. isnt good. and of course, even comment has a points to.. great!!!
about humanatic, it is all about the reviewing of calls.hmm, this one takes time for you to earn money though, you really need sipag at tiyaga,when you do this one. .

Hay, ganyan talaga ang buhay, grabeh kelangan kumita ,kahit hindi na ko matulog basta kumita lang ako.
pang sustento..and of course pang luho, ahahhhaa..

Speaking of luho, I have tried the Mc Cafe float of mcdonalds yesterday. (uhaw lang sa kape,) ahaha.
Gosh, it was really brewed talaga,and it has a  bitter taste , but it was taste good,. (hmmm parang ang dami kong it, keber)  when you mixed the sweet chocolate syrup and sundae and slight bitterness of the coffee hmmm.. and because of it, i was so gising till 2:00 in the morning. ahahha. lakas ng caffeine lufet... pwedeng pwede para sa magdamagang  raket.hahahha..

That's it for now, ill just take a nap muna,, antok akesh..


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