Tuesday, July 2, 2013

FB account

We all have our Fb account..? who's here don't have.. alien? kidding..
 Apparently,may pumasok bigla sa isip ko to stalk my Old friend that
blog about here and here. Well, what did I feel when I happened to
read some of her comment box..

Honestly, I felt envy at her.. sorry about this guy's tao lang ako.
I also felt pitty to myself. and I don't know why..
Maybe it's because she is now have a good life, will soon have her own
house, while me, what? same as it is.. =(
I got depressed after that, So i stopped stalking.

On the other hand. I felt happy because, I've realized that I still have a lot
of friend's around me, even though we are not seeing each otehr because of our busy schedule.
they are still there..

Like  my lesbian HS friend, is making an emo.. hahaha.. well,
 She just posted describe her as a friend. blah blah..
So i commented to her post..hmmm..

I miss them now..


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