Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Ivy and I are sissies..

Magandang, magandang , maganda... AKO ( echos )

Syempre sa inyong lahat..

kamusta naman kayo now? earlier this morning, Our weather
was so gloomy..

In fact, mejo tinamad nga me pumasok.. hahahha. pero Absentism is a big
NO-NO for now.. saka na.. lol.

Anyway, maybe you guy's are wondering about my Post title.

Well, yes! Ivy and I are sister.. but not literally..

Only in a piece of paper, or Birth certificate..

She is not using her father's family name, instead uses mine..

So we have the same Middle initial and family name.. (sister lang ang peg)

Well, when i gave birth,  legal na ang pag gamit ng family name ng guy even you two are not
yet married, but how can i dot that if MIA nga si  mokong right?hmmm

Due to to my curiosity, nag try ako mag research sa net if it is allright, if hindi ba
siya magkakaron ng problem about it..when the time comes na need na niya kumuha
ng ibang important document's.

because according to the Law, She shouldn't have a middle initial ( paktay ako niyan )

need ko na ata paayos un, dahil sa matindi ako mag research about it,
and I also seek an advice na from a lawyer  dapat daw talaga ipaayos and ipaalis ang kanyang middle initial or else, she will be having a difficulty upon getting some important document's in the near future..

hayy ang dugo pa naman mag paayos ng name sa NSO.. kelangan ng tibay ng loob, tiyagang pumila etc. etc... but good thing as per my mom said..

Free daw mag paayos ng name now sa NSO.. hmm.. I'd better
check it out, but the question is..

When ako makakapunta? pag puti ng uwak..hmmm may chance.
where ang NSO- wala ako Idea ahhahha
How? pano ko magsisimula. nakakaloka..

Well, if ever na maayos ko I will give you an update about it.

Ivy and I are not sister in the paper anymore.. lol


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