Monday, July 1, 2013

Weekend madness

Last weekend I had a sad time, great time and sad time again..
let us start with the sad time's

Well, last Friday, My sister went to my house to get her
netbook, so i gave it to her, because she is going to pawn it.. ( i doubt of course )

So , that night I texted her if she pawned it already, but hhahaa. she wasn't able to , So I made a deal with her, I' ll be the one get it nalang, I felt sad because, I can not blog that night,
but nakabuti pa pala na wala.. because Pj and I able to watch movie that night together... We watched saving private Ryan..
such a bloody movie.. euuw.. but, hahha we manage to finished the movie.. good job.. lol.

The next day, Saturday, we went out to buy some stuffs for the house.
and to get some cash... ( sahod eh )

Here is the Happy time, because my sister arrived and binigay na uli ang netbook.. woow..hindi na ko mabobored at home, may netbook na ulit..

Why did I say that? Because honey went home to Bulacan that Saturday night =(
to ease the hurt feeling, seeing him going out of our house,
I turned on the netbook.. and he said..

Pj; Ano yan, e bblog mo pag uwi ko? ( with the smile on his face)
Me; UU.. ( with a frown on my face )

amft,,,  so that night, it turned out boring, and I slept early na rin because bagyong Gorio is nagmamaktol =)

So, that's my not so productive weekend.. =(


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