Saturday, June 1, 2013

Meet Ivy !!

Aloha everyone!

How is your day today? I was tired because, I've done the laundry.
I am also busy nowadays, because  I have to think some few things, and also in preparation
for  Monday's back to school. . whohoo..

Well!! guy's I want you to meet Ivorie 3 years ago.

I just saw some of her pictures in my old FB account.

She was a makulit child. hmm cute maybe.. ahhahha..

Okay.! I will just share it to you guy's.

NAIA airport

Mc donalds party

There you go.. She is Ivorie. She is just  5 years old there. 
and there's a lot more.. 

I will post about her  Cebu city trip with her Aunt..

See yah..


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