Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Back to work!!

After how many days of pagtitiis sa aking upper back pain,  Here I am now, mga mamen!
back to work na. yesterday was really teribble, db nga I did tell you na I cried pa, dahil sobrang sakit niya.. as in..

But now, eventhough it's still masakit, eh  tolerable na siya, hindi na siya kaiyak iyak like yesterday and the other day..

Well guys let's eat merienda.. what I have for my merienda ,syempre. coffee again,, you know naman im a coffee lover. and  Buttercream crackers..

See, meryenda ng tag gipit na po,, ahehheh kaya yan lang ang maiialok ko sa inyo..
pagpasensyahan na.. and 


Eat peanuts because it's healthy you know,, well thanks to my dear tl Sol for the peanuts.

About my schedule for today!  well it's not too busy, because I don't have a lot of classes today. Some of the  student's are absent. great . I have time to relax my back.

Well I hope that I feel better soon, so that I can blog more..

Have a great day ahead mamen..!!!


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