Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Bothered Mother here !!

Finally, mag uuwian na rin in an Hour.makakauwi na rin ng bahay at aking napagtagumpayan
ang aking nararamdaman.. Thank you lord..

Sana bukas ulit, makayanan ko! gosh..

Well! earlier, I received an email and it came to my surprise that it was from
My unica Hija.. goodness .. maghapon ata nagbabad sa pc at naglaro ang aking junakis, OMG..
It can't be..  I can not monitor her pc usage because I am not at home..

Pj doesn't want  to make saway her because he thought that they might get
in trouble ( away ) haysss..

I badly need an  advice on how I am going to divert her attention from playing computer
to another.. yung kapaki pakinabang at kapupulutan niya ng aral..
It's one week to go, so I have to move fast, and think what would be the best thing to do.

I'm thinking to have a cable connection, so that she can watch some cartoons
instead like before, But gosh, it's another extra bayarin. mabubutas lalo ang aking
butas na bulsa at wallet.. whaaaaaaaa...


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