Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Lipstick !!

Its night time again,. mga dearest mamen , mudrabells. and other's..

Im happy today, and It's all because of my sweet kumare.I'll tell you why?

Well ! I was  ran out of lipstick,two weeks ago, and I was not fond of going out and handle my classes without putting on lipstick. I felt that I was naked without it.
I ordered one at Sophie Martin, because I like the shades of their lipstick, and it was not dry like the others, or I'm just comfortable wearing it. ^_^ , however It was out of stock.. gosh..
No. can not be.

I also tried to order to my kumare, because she is a dealer of AVON, Tupperware, and the like. Okay fine!  I just asked actually if they have a lipstick on sale, because I am allergic to an expensive one.. you know what I mean, ( masakit sa bulsa ) ahahhahah
After a week or two, Well I was so surprised when she sent me a private message

so while I was walking towards her station
I am thinking, Why? do I have a debt on her? exagge thinking right? hahhah..

When I arrived at her working station.. ( arrived talaga? ang layo ng biniyahe joke )

Me: Hi there.Why?
Mare;  ( just smiled at me and she got something in her bag ) And say's ang tagal  pa kasi ng bithday mo eh..

sabay abot nito

colour collection red wine


Dahil jan speechless akesh, at hindi ko na nagawa pang magsalita. or ang taning nasabi ko na lamang ay., Ano yan? 

To you Mare. Thank you so much for this very very very Advance Birthday gift of your's,sobrang aga,1 month to go pa ang birthday ko..aheheheh..
at biglang excited ako, at talagang tigsi ( tigsimot ) na lang ang ginagawa ko sa Lipstick ko eh,

Here ang outcome.

ansavehh ng pa cute. ..

ohh db.. tulaley sila.. lol

Because of that, I had a good class here.. whahhha.. epekto ng new lipstick, ang tagal ko na kasi hindi nag r red lipstick ! kaya ganyan na lang kung makapag pa cute ang lola niyo. ahhahhaha..

Again, Thank you Mareng Vangie Love yah..


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