Friday, October 25, 2013

Unfriended FB friends

Hi there guy's.

what would you feel if one of your Fb friends un-friended you?

well, for me it is not a big deal.. hahahaha..

Okay, well in my case., sorry for being bad, I un-friended one
of my FB friends, because

  • I find some of  their post annoying.
  • I find the post papansin..
  • I find the post puro mukha na lang niya araw araw. na hindi naman nagbabago ang angle.
  • I find the post NEGA.. 

I admit my FB account is flooded due to
the giveaways update that I am joining with, but I think it is cool because
you too can benefit with to the post na puro mukha na
walang pagbabago.

I had this Fb friend too, na She joined in  a promo, as well as his hubby.
when his hubby won,, then Weeks after the announcement ,hindi
pa natatawagan nag POST sa fb ,showing na parang
nagmamadali.. can't she just wait? or send a private message instead..
dapat sa wall talaga..? kaloka..

Then, she has also a post na doesn't she have a congrats daw bah?
hay...hahhaha, frustrated manalo si ate..

then eto pa. talagang nag comment sa sinalihan wall to wall, na piliin naman
daw name niya.. As if naman na random yung pag pick ng winners..

then another thing was she posted something on her wall, then
someone replied..answered her kilala ko yan ah..
ayun dun nakipag away si ate sa wall.. #nakakalokang wagas..
Ulit.. Ateh.. may MESSAGE button ang FB..

Now, guy' I too bad, that I un friended her..
See, I hate nega.I want too see positive in my wall , not the nega ones.
LOL,, affected ako. haha hindi ako yun ah.. Hindi ako nakikipag
away sa fb ng wall to wall..


speaking of Positive !

Mommies. I might be attending the WAHMderful Event in Sunday..
I won a passes courtesy of  Vitaminds Circle..



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