Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Ivy's mosquito repellant

Remember guy's I told you HERE that Ivy, knows already
where she can get Dengue,and leptospirosis.

After that day, she kept on telling me to bring her an OFF lotion.
yes, specific name pa talaga. wherein.I also decided to get her one,
because she told me na malamok raw sa school and she was been biten by those
mosquitos.Well. maigi na rin ang sigurado..

so when we went to grocery store, I bought her an insect repellant.
Off lotion pala is pricey noh..
so I bought her this one instead.

Sorry for the pixelated picture, It was just taken from my cellphone.

What I like about this.

  • it is not sticky, once you applied onto it.
  • it is also cool on skin.
  • The smeel will last for a long hour of time
  •  I don't know, if it is just me but I hate it's strong scents.but as per my sister's Ok naman daw yung scents niya, mabango naman daw.. lol .. Okay. maybe I hate strong scents 
For 100 ml, it will last for a month.or depends on how you use it...
I will give this product 4 over 5. ahihihi.. 

Well, that's it for now guy's.. Iwas dengue, mahirap mag kasakit..
mas mura ang 100 plus than hospital bills.. ^_^


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