Monday, September 9, 2013

Hindi na ko MALAS.!

Good afternoon everyone..

How's your weekend so far? well mine is not good, and not bad. Just xoxo.. lol. 

Okay, not good, because I supposed to have a demo class last Saturday, 
however my laptop is not working well, It is having a sound problem. 
so in the end., I gave up.then, yesterday I have a terrible headache again,
 which leads me asleep almost the whole day..

Yesterday was grandparent's day, but then we weren't able to go out, 
due to bad weather, and again I am not feeling well.

 Ivy and I were planning to go out and do a window shopping 
at Megamall Sana yesterday.. Tsk. tsk =(

Moving on, remember guy's  I told you  HERE that I am not lucky,
Oh well, I have to break it now..!!

Last Friday,I made an entry HERE and thanking our dear Lord, for helping me not to be late..
And guess what mga sis..

That night,while browsing my Fb  in our office, It surprised me..

announcement of winner 

Yay! another winning.. OMG.. I won a GC worth 1k from a WADE shoes.
again, I am not expecting it, ang dami dami kayang sumali jan.. So another Thank you LORD for this one.

That night my friend adviced me na, since lagi naman daw me nananalo sa mga giveaways and other 
raffle, Why I don't try daw to join sa mga raffle promos na House and Lot and others and winning prizes..
hmmmm  what do you think mga sisters ? 

and because of my sunod sunod na winning.. 

I became a good influence or bad influence na ata, because two of my friends here
also joins sa mga sinasalihan ko sa FB. hahahhah.. in short I sometimes SPAM them
by tagging.. lol... ( at least may katuturan, pag nanalo naman HAPPINESS )
same as my sister last night...

She told me this.

Ate; Like and Share ka lang, tapos susunod kami sayo.
Me. huh, bakit anong meron?
Ate,  Syempre, gusto ko rin manalo, gusto ko yung shoes, bag, appliances.
Me: ganun. cge hahanap pa ko..

BOOM.. kita niyo na.. naging ma impluwensiya na ko, dahil sa sunod sunod na panalo ko.

bakit kaya hindi ako tumaya sa

pag ako yumaman, I will treat my Avid Readers here.. swear.. ^_^
sana wag kayo mag sawa sa continoues Support niyo sa akin #feelingsikat.

So guy's stay tuned when I claimed my GC okay...!

Happy Monday everyone  =) 



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