Wednesday, September 11, 2013


What's up dearies?How was your day so far.
Oh, well mine is good, sleepy puyaters!


I am really pissed of those scammers..don't you?

Ohh, well. I have to tell you something guy's.
alam niyo ba na muntik na ko madali ng mga scammers online..

It happen way back 2009 I think..

Someone sent me an email, coming from a bank daw and unknown person,
stating about his/her keen .At that time, I wasn't familiar about those scams ( malay ko ba)
I was young pa that ime in short ( shungangey pa me..)

I believed easily, and told to my mom, that I need money for blah blah and
will give it back to her, after the blah blah transactions.. but, then It was good,
that nahimasmasan ako, and I suddenly searched if it is real or not.
then, after some research, I found out that, the said letter was just a SCAM..  WTH..

I do not know, why there were people doing that such thing, just to have money.,
What's worst is the said letter is from other country..
hayss.. tsk.tsk..

I just remembered that and had a gut's to share it to you guy's because ,
I always received the same letter again and again, and it kept on falling in my SPAM box.. ( kakainis na )

I wonder why, where they get my email nor our email address,,Our because I know,
I am not just the only one, received this kind of letter from those
 makakapal ang mukha na people..

well guy's I am going  to share you the said Letter and just read it,
Well, it is a big help anyway for those not familiar with it.. usually to those young people
na bago pa lang gumagawa ng Email accounts.

Again.. The letter that you are going to read is an Example of a SCAM  letter.


You see that.. such a shame right?

If it is a real letter, the salutation of it shouldn't be FRIEND.. ( friend your ass ) hindi kita friend.

anyway.. nowadays,, there really a lot of scammers out there, those lazy people whom wanted to
have money in an instant, from other peoples hard earned money.
Guy's be vigilant as always..

Huwag na huwag padadala sa matatamis na words., came from those

Once you received that kind letter, report it as PHISHING..


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