Friday, September 13, 2013



Today is Friday the 13th,and they said that its malas, and I don't
believe in it anyway..

Well guy's, today is My last day here in our office and on Monday,
I am going to be a WAHM.. ( whos excited ).

What do I feel now? of course I feel quite sad,, because I stayed here
for 5 years and 5 months..

I am going to miss my usual and daily routine,. I will surely miss
all of my friends, colleague, office, and mostly my working station.

I will my cr buddies,  dinner buddies..and all..

Goodbyes is not forever anyway, it shouldn't be painful too,
in fact we should think that goodbyes is a start of a new beginning..

A new beginning of my new life outside of my comfort zone..
remember guy's I told you here that, I need to take a risk too, because if I wouldn't
do it now,


when there is no more opportunity awaited outside..

I wouldn't allow it..

I hope after my journey here ,, I will find the peace of mind
that I am longing for.. ( teary eyed)

Goodbye VOIM and Thank you for the 5 years and 5 months it was such
a great stepping stone.

To my supervisors. Thank you for the intensive trainings that you've given..( as if mababasa nila )

To my student's, one of them made me cry.. one of them told me don't go.

I tried not to cry, but I cant resist not to.

Goodbye and Thank you all.. ^_^


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