Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Why I BLog?

Happy rainy Tuesday dear sisters..

Shocks, we really have a bipolar weather nowadays isn't?

Earlier this afternoon, the sunshine was so bright  like a diamond but now,
geesh,but now, It is raining again with thunder..hmmm..


It took me a month of contemplating if I am going to make my own blog.
there are a lot of questions in me, such as how can I keep it on track?
what am I going to say? is there anyone going to read it?
At firstm I rarely go out, I rarely eat out, in short I have a boring

Those are questions bothered me before, that is why , it really took time to make one..
But everything changed.

when I started signing up in a blogger and wrote my very first entry.
I am really unsure, if someone will read or not, in the first place
I made this as an outlet of mine, I want to use this to express myself.
and of course to earn money..;)

Now, I would like to say thank you to all of you who's reading my blog and giving love of it.
I owe you a lot. ^_^

Without you, this blog is not going to exist..

How about you guy's, Why do you blog?


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