Saturday, August 10, 2013

Not FUNNY Meme...

I don't know how to start this entry, but then
I will try to manage my init ng ulo..

It is just a quick post promise...

Lemme share you lang my feeling about this meme..

grab from fb

I found these meme not funny at all.. Sorry to those who made this meme..
Why? hindi naman kasi dapat  pinagtatawanan at ginagawang katatawanan ang mga ganitong

First; kuya Paolo,cant defense him self about this.
2nd. If ako yung family ni kuya Paolo masasaktan me.

Down syndrome is not a joke,It will never be ..and we shouldn't make fun of them.

when I watched him at kmjs I was so touched.. I realized that
I am  lucky enough for having a healthy daughter.

Ivy also watched that kmjs segment with kuya Paolo's Mcdo commercial in
the making.. and she asked me this.

Ivy; Mama, Why siya ganyan? ( innocent voice)
Me; because he is special.
Ivy; Why?
Me; ( hirap mag explain sa isang 8 years old ) hmmmm.. okay bheb.
ganito na lang huh.. Do not laugh when you see someone like him, do not
make fun of them okay.. because it is not funny.. They are special from God..
Ivy; Ok..

end of conversation...

naghihimutok lang me, kasi I taught Ivy not to make fun of  them,( those with DS)
tapos may makikita me na ganitong meme sa fb..tsk.tsk...shame of those meme maker.

ohhh well... sana yung gumagawa ng meme, hindi magkaron ng anak na may DS.

How  about you mommies any though'ts about this.
do you also feel the same way as i do,or it is just me?


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