Thursday, August 8, 2013

My heart is beating so fast.!!

Hey.. Hey. hey..

First, I wanted to greet our dear Muslim's out there an Ei'd Mubarak.( end of Ramadan )

Buti pa yung iba, long Holiday,, may pasok pa ang inyong lingkod,
 but then happy naman dahil, of course
Double pay ( double nga ba )?????

Moving forward.. I got a call earlier, just an invite for a job interview
on Monday...

Gosh,, mga mare, sissies,ka berks. Kinakabahan ako ng bongga.
( pusoy kumakabog kabog, tumatalbog talbog ) uii. kinanta.!

I know, that I am familiar with the job, but then Yay.!

It is really been a long time, since I was interviewed..ganun pala noh! nakakapanibago

Well, I have to calm myself down, I have to focus and my
goal is ma accept..

well, it is really about time to move to another one, wherein I can apply
what I really studied..

I just saw that ads anyway in a GT ,and  it is all about VOffice..
I browsed what  Voffice about and i was surprised that
 it is just the same with my
previous job.. Ohhh yeah.. !! ( now ko lang nalaman na Voffice pala tawag dun ) lol

I badly need your support, and prayer's well I hope, I can make it. AJA.

ang pakikibaka sa panibagong buhay sa labas ng comfort zone ay parang
sugal.,., pwedeng manalo o matalo. ( ansaveehh )

I love this phrase now too.

" I'll spread my wings, and learn how to Fly " - it is from one of my
favorite song. breakaway..

Enjoy your Long Weekend Guy's..


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