Sunday, August 4, 2013

House hunt update..

Hey.hey.. hey.

Happy Sunday everyone..

I hope you guy's enjoyed your weekend....

As for me well, I did  general cleaning.I threw some unnecessary kalat.
or yung mga things na wala na talaga pakinabang..

well, if you guy's thinking if it is my preparation of moving out..
hmmm WRONG...

because, my supposed to be moving out is Cancel..

yes, the owner of this house that i am renting now and I talked yesterday,
well I followed her up, about sa status ng stay ko here..
And she told me na do not bother myself muna about it,because hindi pa final SOLD
ang unit.ohh well... praise God..

 I confess as well because I made a promise na magsisimba today.. Sorry..
napagod ako sa pag gegeneral cleaning ko,

so I fell asleep ..tsk.tsk..oh well promise next week..
hmm I may not be active going to church, but I do pray naman everyday..

I was supposed to blog more.. but Ivy is kept on bugging me to lay down
na beside her... hmmm oki..

Goodnight everyone..


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