Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Final Decision..

Earlier, Our HR talked to me.. Okay a heart to heart talk.

I am not surprised about it anyway.

She just asked me what's my plans are. How am I?

Ok! I have to put my self down here,  I am not too magaling  in teaching..
it's not my forte.It is not what i studied about..But there's a way to improve
and show to other that you have a guts in this industry even you are not onto it.

 for the past 5 years, I know and I can say that I improved a lot
compare to my very first time on floor.
I can say that i learned a lot here. I excel and
I proved myself that I can do it..

But then after that 5 years of striving hard, it seems that there's missing,
It seems that I suddenly became unhappy, Suddenly I became lost..
I think i have to find my self. ( Billly crawford ) lol...
Seriously.. ganun talaga nararamdaman ko.

What I learned in our talk was 5 years is over..
5 years is considered milestone and experienced and I think
5 years is enough to stay in my so called comfort zone, it's time
to move find yourself or grab the opportunity awaited outside of it.
you don't need to be afraid of taking risk.. kelan ka pa mag ttake ng risk,,
pag wala ng opportunity na naghihintay sayo?

 Am I making any sense?hmmm

Thank you guy's for wasting your time, reading this non sense entry of mine.. ^_^


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