Thursday, August 1, 2013

How do you handle your problems?

Good evening mga sissies ^_^

So how's life moving on? 

As of mine, well good..
of  course partner ko si God kaya mejo, some of my pinagdadaanan
lately is mejo solved na..

Well, tulad nga ng nasabi ko sa inyo sa last part ng post ko dito , the house
that I am rentind now, is officialy SOLD..

So, meaning I have to find a new place..
And it is really a challenge most especially to someone like me.. ;)

I have to find an apartment na safe and sound, and need na pasok sa budget ko..
and looking for that perfect place, most especially when you are in a tight budget
is never an easy thing to do. right??

I don't have much time na maghanap sa morning,because I need sleep too. 
hmmm.. So, and tanging pag asa ko lang is, weekend, and online ads..
hayss.. ang mahal mahal talaga ng apartment nowadays..mababa na ang 5k.. 

2nd challenge, na need ko isipin eh pag lumipat me ng bahay,pano si Ivy, sino 
ang magbabantay sa kanya, when I am away, or when Pj and I are away.? 

3rd,, makikisama na naman ako ng panibago. OMG.. 

but, then one of my colleague/ friend na rin, offered me na mag share na lang 
kami sa house nila, I have nothing against with it, ok sana yun but 
the problem is.

The place is located in Cubao..

Whaaaaa... From Manda - Cubao..siggghhhh...

Think .. think. think..

Pano ang schooling ni Ivy? as much as possible ayoko e transfer siya sa ibang school.
kawawa naman siya, maninibago siya, makikisama na naman siya, another gastos yun.
uniform etc..

Well, that offer is last option na for me..

So..this weekend. I was really felt down na, I almost loose hope na.

So, what I did was. I prayed again Sunday night..

I lift all my problem's up to him..
I told him na nahihirapan na me, hindi ko na kaya, sobrang hirap.. 
I seeked his help..and I really cried..and told him na bahala na siya..
pinauubaya ko na sa kanya lahat, just help me..

" GOD IS REALLY GOOD " so eto na Monday night, when I 
saw the news that I won a new bag.. Hooray ! this one is also an answered prayer.

Tuesday one of my friend, texted me, asking me kung nakahanap na me
ng bahay., because yung pina rerent nila is going be available by Monday.
Aug 5. Woooww! Solved na ang apartment na lilipatan ko..

Just a few walk away kung san ako nakatira now, a safe and sound place.
and Ivy don't need to transfer anymore..So ang prob ko na lang is
magbabantay si Ivy pag wala ako..

I think, need ko na talaga magbalik loob.

I will go to church na talaga this Sunday,, promise.. !!

I will make it a habit na again.

what i learned, do not give up easily.. trust him, because there is no impossible
pag siya na ang gumawa ng way.. ( teary eyed )

kayo how do you handle your problems ? siguro kung iba yun at nawalan na ng hope eh 
nag laslas na ng pulso.. ( joke )

I will inform you pag nakalipat na kami ,. oki.. 

Goodnight everyone ^_^


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