Monday, June 3, 2013

Unexpected Changes!


It's midnight now,but my eyes are still wide awake, maybe because I fall asleep
earlier.   and had a cup of  black coffee. whahhah ( sorry I really love coffee )

Moving on, mejo may napag ninilay nilayan kasi me nitong mga nakaraang araw..
I just miss the old status of our dear company., not just that but of course
even the former colleagues, friends, and other things..

What I am missing the most was the morning shift of ours.and the samahan of each Team.

I started in Our company late 2008, My first schedule was evening, but 6months after I decided to shift my schedule into morning..

Yeah, It is really difficult to get up as early as 4: 00 am in the morning, but
May mas hihirap pa ba sa wala kang makain dahil sa katamaran.. BOOM

At first  I was hesitant to do that, because I know myself, I am not a morning person.
I am a night owl.

but ! but! but!

I realized that I was definitely wrong.. I never had any regrets  when I shift my schedule  from evening to morning..

In fact, I enjoyed my morning shift Family..My morning shift schedule.
Because of it, nagkaroon me ng time kay Ivy, I took care of her in the afternoon, I were able
teach her before and pag lumalabas me ng office, Wow,,may araw pa at may Mall pa. ahahhha..

Theres really a big difference from evening to morning shift.
Now let's see the difference

In the evening shift

I wake up too late, like 10 am or 11 am ( in my job I can't afford to felt drowsy in class or else love letter and katapat ko )

I go to work at 1 pm then arrived at 1:40 pm.
2:00 - 11:00 pm working hours
11:00 - Wala ng mall, wala ng magigimikan meron man, BAR -  Inuman, Gosh, im not a heavy drinker..ayoko yan.

Morning Shift

I usually wake up at 3:30 Am pag mejo inatake ng laziness 4:00 Am
I leave our house at 4:00- 4:30 taxi mode nalang pag nagkatamaran
I need to be at the office before 5;00 am
5:00 Am - 2:00 pm working hours
2:00 -onwards, paglabas ng office,,, WOW,, May araw pa, may mall pa, gala dito gala
duon pa ang peg pag may anda.. haveyyy..

Feeling ko TAO ako pag morning shift.
kasi pag evening Shift - Feeling ko manananggal ako..

But !  everything  has come to  an end.. When there's an unexpected changes in our company.

They removed the morning shift and remained the evening shift.

We all felt sad about it, some of my colleagues leave our so called 2nd home.

Uhhh.. I miss everything ! I miss my morning shifter friends, I miss my taxi classmates

Team wonju

Last christmas party of the team

anyang TEAM
 This one was our lunch together..
morning group

This picture was the last christmas party  of  morning group  year  2011

Happiness in the morning shift has a lot of difference in the evening shift.. =)


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