Friday, June 7, 2013

I love you PAPA!!

Some people say's that when you have a relatives abroad, then you are rich, you have a lot of money. Well definitely they are wrong.

Our father is working abroad, He left our country for 5 years now, and it is not easy for us, and him because He is old already to work. My father is a 60 years old man now, but He is still working abroad to support the family , to feed the other 4 younger children of him, to support the college student's daughter, to finish paying the lot that they have invested.

Last year, He went home to see a doctor because He was attacked by a hypertension,He went home with his his half body paralized or simply say He had a mild stroke, It was hurt, when I heard that news, I cried and I got worried about his condition, I tried to talked to him for not going back to SAUDI again,but his decision is too strong, Despite of his condition, He went back abroad to support my other younger siblings.

I remember when I was young, When my real mom died, He took place taking care of me and my older sister. He sang me a song till I fall asleep on his chest., he works hard to support us.

before, I promised to my self that when I get married, I wanted a man like him.. Someone will love me unconditionally like my papa , someone will never hit me like my papa, and someone will accept me, despite of my wrong doings.

That is My father a good man, responsible, a supportive one to his children.

I owe my life to him.

That's why I wrote this one as a tribute for him this father's day..


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