Monday, June 3, 2013

First day of School!

Good morning Everyone!!

gising gising,bangon bangon PASUKAN na !!!

It is another day to all of the student's..  whoohooo. not just the student
but even us dear mudra's .
Ohh well !! I woke up early today, at syempre I prepared Ivy to school,
alam niyo na, I dont have a househelp, since January of this year.
so I took a crown of being a Housemaid, yaya, and Working mom...yey

So back to my kwento, It's Ivy's firsta day of school
She is now in  grade 3! gosh. ang bilis.. 3 years more to go, I have a grade 6 girl and dalagita..

I being a mom, I make sure that she eats first before going
to school , remember breakfast is the important meal of the day.
So she had rice and sunny side up egg for her breakfast, and She also had
Milo to energize na rin, since her schedule is Morning till noon.

Actually, her morning eating routine changed when I turned the crown, before when she has a yaya pa, and my schedule to my work was morning pa,
I can't monitor her food intake.She usually have champorado, macaroni soup only
every morning before, so I really felt guilty about it.

So, when I turned the yaya position in my own household, I changed her morning breakfast na.
from champorado,macaroni soup. I change it to rice na every morning..yey !!

Moving on, We went to her school at 6:30 am this morning.

We looked for her classroomm, and after that She went to her queue to attend the
Flag ceremony.

Of  course, I did not go home right away, Even me nakisali sa flag ceremony. ahahha

ang haba ng ceremony nila In fairness.

Back to school flag ceremony line up:

Opening prayer
Philippine National Anthem
Panatang Makabayan - lead by one of the Lady Police
Panunumpa sa Watawat - Lead by one of the student ( I was amazed I still memorize it )
Exercise - this one is cool!  while doing it, they are  reciting the multiplication table :)
Principal Speech
Introducing the new teachers and their Master teachers
Introducing the Head teacher's each grade
Introducing the rest of the teachers- from grade 1-6

Ang tagal! but It was nice.,

So I sacrificed the tulog  muna kanina...  ahahhha..

That's it pancit..Sorry if quite late post.. It's in draft earlier. kaso nakatulog me.
while doing this, lol..

Have a great day ahead. =)


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