Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Ivy's cebu trip.!

Howdy everyone!!

Well as I promised, I am going to write a different post regarding Ivorie's / Ivy
Cebu City trip..

Okay just to brief you guy's shortly. I am proud to be Cebuana.
My father's hometown is Cebu, and My real mom is from Southern Leyte .
and we are happy about it, because they said that
basta taga Cebu gwapa.. ( beautiful ) ooppss,, hindi po me nagbubuhat ng sarili kong bangko huh.. sabi nila yun.. lol  =)

Allright, moving on Ivy's first trip in Cebu was September 2010.
She was just 5 years old then. She went there with my older sister.

I was so inggit, because at her age, nakasakay na siya ng plane,, akesh,, dehins pa.
but keber lang yan.!!

They visited different places there, Such as fort San pedro, Magellan's cross, SM Cebu,
Ayala Malls. etc..

They stayed at my Uncles house, so free lodging na sila. ahahahhha

cebu pacific

Okay!  maybe some of you are thinking why hindi me kasama sa kanilang Cebu trip..

Well , I felt guilty about it too, because dakilang Ina akesh, at hindi me pwede
mag leave ng 3 days and more. : (    (  bawal.krimen ang pagleleave )

So they went there  without me..

But, then I am happy naman na rin because, Ivorie was happy that time.

jump shot

Wishing well @ fort san pedro

imitating the Statue

So there you go. Halata ba sa face na hindi masaya?

Haysss.. Mukha pa silang mag ina kesa sa aming 2...

There you go guy's..  She has a lot of pictures there,but i just grabbed only a few ones.

Have a great day.


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