Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Hate Bad Dreams!!

Like what i have said to my  bad dream post1.

I dont want to dream about snake anymore, because it was really scaryy.
But gosh, How come that 2 days after I had another dream, and it is all about snake again.. Whyyy?

Okay, I had this dream, last Monday morning,when I was sleeping in our sofa,
I was clinging to my honey's arm, while I am asleep.
Then,when I am in the middle of my sleep, I saw myself in a small boat,
in my dream I was in the middle of the lake, or river..well watever it is..

At first it was fun for me at first !!  but of course quite nervous because,
I don't even know how to swim,.to enjoy that moment of mine, and when
I am looking around, It came to my surprised, that I saw something in the water,
it is big and swims so fast..when it is near na.. gosh, I was really surprised and
my nice dream turned into bad one..
Napahigpit ako ng kapit sa aking sinasakyang boat mga mamen, and guess what I have seen?


Whaaaaaaa... yes, I saw another snake, in my dream,
2 days after my 1st bad dream about snake...

What I got scared the most in my dream, because the snake went up
to my head, and opened it's mouth so wideee.. gosh...

I wasn't able to move, as in naninigas na me, sa takot, because it might
 bite me in my dreams or anything. I hold too tight in my little boat..

but then...

When my honey moved, I waken up  and I uttered, another snake dream..

I asked my honey why he didn't wake me up.

Honey koh:  Ang sarap kaya ng tulog mo.
Me;  Nananaginip kaya ako.
Honey koh;  kaya pala;
Me.  kaya pala what?
Honey koh;  Ang higpit ng hawak mo sa braso ko, namamanhid na kaya me
Me. Sorry, I didn't know, naninigas na kasi ko sa panaginip ko eh.

I wonder why I had this kind of dream.

Ano kaya ibig sabihin nun?


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