Saturday, May 25, 2013

Busy week is over!!

I really have a busy day yesterday. grabeh mga mamen..Actually not just today, Since Tuesday actually,

I was too tired this week really..  because I  have wrote 3 back to back pages in a sheet of paper + typing  in a keyboard + teaching = palong palo na ngalay! sakit sa likod! batok! at dumudugong utak.. whahhahaha.. ENGLISH ba naman ang isulat.. d ka ba duduguin nun??

at eto ang malufet dun mga mamen, constant repetition of answer's and opinions.. WAGASSSS... okay, what am I talking about ba?

Why I have to wrote too long? well It's our exam, with an Open notes. whahahhah..
 but of course! I did not cheat that much,, slight only.. some of my answers are my own points of view and opinions too .hanep nagmamatalino ang peg..

after 3 days of writing, Finally Im done with it, I submitted  it already sa punong hukom. weew.. thank you LORD.. natapos rin and mahaba habang sulatan..

Now,I can focus na in my classes.. ansavehh?

By the way, Im excited because Ivorie will go home na ,I will fetch her na at Cainta.. yey..

have a great day ahead of you guy's...


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