Sunday, December 8, 2013

Blogapalooza 2013: Gavino Donuts and Berry Drink

One of those business ventures that 
I have seen at Blogapalooza was 
Gavino's donuts and berry drink..

Gavino’s Japanese donuts is a gourmet donut shop 
specializing in chewy mochi donuts.

their doughnuts have different shape than usual 
doughnuts that we have seen.
you can see them here.

I wasn't able to taste it, but I think they are all yummy.!
okay, I have a sweet tooth though..

aside from donuts..

I also have seen these berries juice beside gavinos,

and they are called as Yummy Organic 

Yummy organic offers different varinats of berry juices.. as seen above.
not just that they also have natural bars made of dried fruits and chunky nuts. =)

Ohh well.. I wish I could taste them. because I wasn't able to have them taste
during the event. I just took them a picture..


For more info about yummy organics

you can send them an , 
e-mail :


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