Monday, November 4, 2013



halloween is already over, and now is the time to list down 
the things that we wanted to receive this Christmas..
oh well.

I know, this is just a wishlist..

well anyway.. 

lemme start..



 I am not a type of person na mahilig sa gadget,but since I started this blog, 
 I have a feeling na hindi pwede na wala akong camera.. 
 It is a must to have at least 1. attending in an Events, and 
 blog post is not complete without pictures.
 dapat level up rin..right??/

2nd. an Ipad mini


 well, Ivy like's this one too.. and so do I..well, I wanted to have one of this so that 
 I can blog even I am not at home,and sa taong mainipin minsan na gaya ko, 
 I need something that I can divert my attention when,
 I am waiting someone outside.

3. New TV


 Naman, I think I really needed a new TV na because my 
 TV is a CRT monitor pa.. Geesh..I  badly needed one na 
 because it is also asking for a new one na. .

 4.  A new laptop

Okay, well this laptop that I am using now is not mine. 
I wanted to have a new one, now that I am a stay at home,
 and a working at home one,laptop is very important to me now.

Ohh ! Well, I know that my wishlist are quite expensive, 
so I have to make ipon muna to buy those things listed above...

well,I hope I can make it, I believe na kaya ko!

There you go guy's..

how about you? do you also have your wishlist already?care to share..
need ko lang ng sipag at tiyaga.. =)


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