Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The minimalist me.

sometimes being a minimalist is really not a good idea.

Well, isa ako sa mga taong kuripot.. hmmm kuripot nga ba?
okay. not really kuripot maybe I am just broke, and do not have
that much money to buy an expensive things.

well, I had a lot of experience, buying something
at a cheaper price,
but then it really didn't last for even a month or two..

at dahil hindi ko nasulit, I feel that I wasted money lang..

and to prove you guy's that soemtimes being a
minimalist isn't always good idea
well here is my testimony..testimony talaga ginamit ko?

hmm.. well

 Few months ago, I bought a headset in a famous china store..
hmm ( basta yun na yun)
how much ? 200 php..

eto yun

gessh.. okay..the sound is ok naman, but then I  have
it changed to a new one,
because when I was being interviewed  the interviewer can not hear me well,
and so, I bough again a new one, which is a much cheaper
than the other one.. and geeeshh..

but this month, when I am starting to teach.. 
I am having trouble with my sounds, so I taught there is a problem with my
laptop, so I made kalikot and found out na mic pala ang prob
#shunga lang..

so ayun.. I have to buy a new one again..AGAIIN?
pangatlo na to huh,!!

but this time around I bought one with a good quality na talaga.
so I bought an A4tech headset.and I am so happy when I used it.

Imagine guy's the first one that I bought is 200php,
while the 2nd one is 50php
then the latest with the good quality one is just 280php.. hayss

I wasted 250.. nasan ang mga headset ko na yun,,
nakatambak sa isang tabi..
I am not using it, because it seems that It can cause d
amage rin sa laptop
because when I am connecting it ,
I can hear the buzzing sound..(kakaloka )

Lesson learn.. Invest in a one with an expensive one, than a cheaper one,
with a very low quality
tsk.. sayang talaga..


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