Saturday, November 9, 2013

Mall of Asia's lamyerda !

This is a late post 

Sorry naman.!

Wala pa kong blog nung mga panahon na ito..

Our whole family  went to MOA when papa arrived, from
Saudi last year..

It is one of our happy moments together, because that was the 
time that we went out again together after how many years.. 
Okay.They go out, but I am not included because
may work ako ng mga panahon na yun at 
I can not be absent just because of GALA..or VACATION ( ehem)
eventhough, I have a Vacation Leave, but to tell you honestly
I haven't use it even once...sick leave siguro OO..!


move on. I am now free like a bird,I can go anywhere I want now
and I can stay with my family as much as I want to..

So, here is one of our family trip..

and so I would like to present you guy's My One and Only Father 

K9 mukhang maamo noh!pero takot ako jan =)

with Papa, and those two little girls in front, they are cousins

All of us

alam niyo ba na may attention seeker,when we were there..

and here they are..

Sayaw pa!

sige pa..give your best move anak !

Told.. yah.. Nang agaw ng attention ang mga bagets.. they danced to the tune 
of  DOUGIE.. =)

The Mangubat Siblings

and we ate at Mang Inasal  ^_^ 

and for the final Picture.. mawawala ba naman ang Mother and daughter Pics.. of course not so here it is =)

There you go. Our gala that day, was really fun, everyone really had fun.. 


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