Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Well, this post might hit some of those 
insensitive people out there.
so I should say this first na

"Bato bato sa langit ang tamaan wag magagalit " 

Okay, I just came up this topic
simply because,isa lang ito sa mga 
pinag usapan natin ng mga pretty Ladies 
na nakasama ko last Satuday..
syempre,sino pa ba..Venus,Sally and Mimi.
Nathalie went home already  when we came up to this topic.

Okay , so here it goes.

We all know  that there were some women 
Who's having difficulty  conceiving right? Even though
How much She tries but still it is difficult for 
Her ..but it not doesn't mean that She doesn't want
to have one..

Ang nakakainis lang rin is yung , when some of
close friends or even relatives ask Why? 

Hindi pa ba pwedeng dahil may dahilan and hindi pa right 
time for them..

Aren't those asking questions  Why? aware that  questioning 
their capacity of not yet having a baby  is HURT,most especially 
 to a  woman.. lalo na if She really wants to have a baby!

Guy's we do not have right's to judge another woman,
If they don't get conceive right away.. Its really HURT on her part.

Asked me Why? 

Simply because..
  •  We do not know them! 
  • We do not know, what are they doing   just to make it possible for them to have a baby! 
  • We do not know, the reason why She can't have a baby!

So, instead of asking why? Why don't we say 

"Darating rin yan"..

well, unless gusto mag madre...chos

That's it for now.. !


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