Sunday, November 17, 2013

Blogapalooza day part 2

Happy Saturday everyone..

I was really dead tired and sleepy last
night,That is why I wasn't able to 
finish my post about the Blogapaloza event.

Well, I had fun and as you can see on the
first part of my post I got a lot of

tara lets.

warning: picture overload

The registration area.

I missed to try this cool game.. trip na trip ko sana 
siya subukan,,kaso busy sila.. (lol)

parang I want wine..hmmm..

BYS cosmetics booth

View park Hotel booth

Enjoy booth

I know, I only had a few pics,and dami kasing tao,and ang hirap mag picture ng madaming bitbit.. sorry naman ( next time babawi me )

The Boys night out =)

and we found someone na naghaharutan inside.. OMG,nagliligawan silang 2 sa loob ng convention..

naman!!! si Mr.chooks  and Easter.

Mabuhay ang mga iihawin... lol

and the most happiest there was.. when I met personally these Ladies.

wondering whos taking our pic.. It was Mimi of  The Home-Based diva

Pretty Ladies again.. 

we decided here to go out na, and we headed to Starbucks na lang and had our chit chat there till we go home...

I had so much fun talking to you ladies.. till next event !

thank you to all the sponsors too of this said Event.. goodjob ^_^


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