Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Have you heard a Wine & spirits online selling before?
Honestl! it is my first time to heard about it.

At first I didn't know, that there is a trusted  Online
selling  of  Wine & spirits. 

I usually buy wines at any convenience store and even

Until I attended 
Blogapalooza  last Saturday..
and happened to dropped by to one of it's
booth inside ..

what is that booth about?


Guy's I would like to present you 

Photo: We're welcoming new members to the Gurkka nation here at the Blogapalooza event at SM Aura!
this photo grabbed from Gurkka's fb page

while other photos  are taken by your's truly ^_^

Can you spot me? Lol.. 

seriously, I'm in that pic..hahahha


wondering why came from the word Gurkha/Gorkha which refers to military units in the British or the Indian Army enlisted in Nepal. Gurkhas are considered to be naturally aggressive in battle and possess qualities of courage, loyalty, self-sufficiency, resilience, trustworthiness and reliability, that’s why they are highly depended on to protect..

Their Vision is to create  an online selling portal that is committed, reliable and trustworthy to gap the usual fear and hesitance of Filipinos towards online buying. 

Their Mission

  1. To provide a safe and reliable online selling site where you can buy GNIC Main  Wine and Spirits Brands as well as Guest Liquor Brands that are authentic and genuine.
  2. To tap to the new medium of product distribution, that is online selling, and provide the convenience that online selling entails.
  3. To award members  with Freebies and Rewards on every purchases.
  4. Promote responsible drinking.
  5. To educate the Philippine market about the different varietals of wines and spirits and their characteristics that would help the consumer identify which suits their preferences, lifestyle and budget.

Now what is Gurkka is an affiliate of Global Noble International Corporation (GNIC) that aims to sell online GNIC's wines and spirits product line as well as some Guest Liquor Brands.

can you see that in the monitor says GET THIS FREE??

That is true?
ang saya diba.. Once you buy 1, you can have 1 for  Free!!! san ka pa?


take note:

Their freebies is not just an ordinary Freebie. It may include well 
known and familiar brands from different liquor 
categories as well as their MAIN BRANDS..

How to purchase?? I will tell you how? so just keep posted ok!

To be continue:


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