Sunday, November 24, 2013

Minimalist me 2

Good day guy's.

I know everybody is happy because Manny Pacquiao
have won once again!

Hooray for that and Congratulations to him.


This post is about minimalist me..

the last post about minimalist me that I posted is THIS
and now,this is another one.

I do not often buy things that is not really needed.

and so 

Look at this:

Oh wel, That is a remote control of my TV.
See may tali to hold on it. but Once I removed that tie, it will
look like on the 2nd picture..

But,, do not under estimate it guy's. It is still working.
alam niyo ba na ilang beses ng nahulog, lumipad, nalaglag
at nadaganan, at naapakan yan ng isang malaking tao.

Hey!! It is still working..

and if you are thinking that I bought it in an expensive price.
No! No! No!

I bought that for only php.100.00! =)

haveyyyy right.. sulit na sulit..right?

And another one.

That remote is with me for  4 years already.. Whohooo.!!!
may sentimental value yan!!!

So now, what do you think, palitan ko na ba?


There you go, just a quick post lang ..

Have a nice weekend =)


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