Sunday, November 24, 2013

Gurkka cont.

Last time I introduced you already 
this Wine and Spirit Online store namely Here.
and I promised that 
I am going to tell you on how can you avail 
their Freebie.

Now how?

To those first time users 
you need to REGISTER here.
and you've registered you need
to Log in to your
Gurkka acount and choose the item
that you want to purchase.note
that The bigger purchase value
then you will also get the higher
value of FREEBIES to be given away
and to know more about that
you can check this FAQ.

One thing, You might also enjoy reading their
TRIVIA.. It is soo cool ^_^ .

I am not  that good in terms of wine, the only
thing that I know is, wine is made of grapes  =)  
other than that, I know nothing na. so their 
trivia helps a lot to those who wanted to know more about
wines and spirits.. ^^

and because of that 

here are my top wanted to taste 
and here they are.

photo credits from:

Sosyal right?

Actually, 1bottle of wine pwede ng pang
gift sa mga Ninong and Ninang this Christmas.right ???

so there you go guy's.. ^_^

register now, and tara lets toast =)


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