Saturday, October 12, 2013

The walking Dictionary in me

Happy Saturday night everyone..

How's your week ahead ?

Well mine is pretty good..

moving on sa aking kwento.

you know that I am a walking dictionary now in our house..
because Ivy kept on asking me a lot of words recently.
most especially those Tagalog words.


Ivy: Ma ano yung limampu?
Me ; fifty
Ivy; Ano yung lima?
Me; five

See those are just simple tagalog words right?
I don't know why she doesn't know the english of those words..
okay,maybe because we just often use english words with numbers..

but there is more, when we are watching  and she heard something

Ivy; Ma ano yung selfish?
Me: makasarili.

and there's more, there are a lot of random words that she is asking me..
ohhh men,, and hirap pala maging walking nor talking

There you go for now guy's



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