Monday, October 7, 2013

Happy Teachers day.

Hey. hey hey..

I know,it is quite late to post this one, but it
is better to be late than never right?

Last Friday.Ivy gave her teacher a flower ( cheesy )
why cheesy,her teacher is a Man.hihi.. Isn't awkward?

Well, least she gave lol..

last Saturday.they had their make up classes and also celebrated the
teacher's day.

Ivy told me, that all of the teacher's dances to the tune of  *whoops kiri*
have you heard it before? I hope so..

Speaking of teacher.

I would like to greet my former colleagues a Happy happy teacher's day.
I know, being a teacher is also never an easy thing to do, you need an extra effort
to make your class fun and interesting.
You need to be more patience too..

I being a former Online teacher,I often told to Ivy, to be good
in  school always. I always tell her, do not be noisy in school because
teacher might get mad, if they are too noisy and makulit.
at her young ,like when she started going to school nor
during her prep days, I often told her to be good a girl in class.
and that is a constant in..

Now,that she is in grade 3, and when you ask her, why she shouldn't be
noisy in school, She already know the answer and that is.

" Because, Teacher is not an easy job"
teacher does a lot of things. etc..

I don't know, if I have told you guy's that
Ivy, got a " Most behave award" during her prep graduation.. ( will post it separately)

Well, again belated Happy teacher's day to all the teacher's out there..



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