Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The nursing Ivy.

Good morning world..

How's everyone?

mine was great, actually I have a lot of pending blog post..
i just can't upload the picture from my phone..

Lemme proceed now to my kwento..

We all know, that " breastfeeding is best for babies" isn't
so, when I gave birth,from zero to 7 months old I nurse Ivy,
I want her to be healthy and also I am such a lucky woman on earth had a lot of  milk..
I did not even use a breast pump, to squeeze my milk. lol

Apparently , I had to  stop her nursing at me simple at 7 months simply  because
 my nip got break out..Yay.. hard to explain
basta yun. It is really painful to breastfeed her, most especially when her teeth came out..

moving on.

 I will tell you guy's a shhhh..

do know that, Ivy have this vice, nursing still even at her age now. !

YES,you read it right?

We,sometimes bath together, and every time she sees my boobs..She can't help
but nurse at me, with feeling pa.. with matching closing her eyes pa.. ( feel na feel )

Last night, before she sleep,well I put her to sleep pa  kasi,
she is making kulit, to nurse..but just a minute lang, and then pag napagbigyan na,
she sleeps na right away..

I am teasing her last night  , that I will blog it, and she said, no..
whahaha, well, para lang matigil siya.. so quiet lang kayo huh..
hindi niya alam to... shhhhhhhhhhhhh

Actually guy's, I am worried about it, is it really normal?

Well, she is not doing it everyday naman, pag yung tipong
she like it lang, or maybe when she is making lambing..

I sometimes feel awkward lang kasi.. lol..

Well, pleae bear with me guys about this huh.. hihi.. ^_^


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