Sunday, October 13, 2013

The stiff neck pose

So how are you guy's?

oh well, I felt bad kanina,, uhmm just tampuhan with boyfie,, ( well its normal)
and since I felt bad nga, ..

I brought something to ease that

Photo: dahil..i felt bad kanina napabili me ng Goldilocks small chocolate cake round.. 

want some..

Goldilocks small round cake

I was supposed to buy the chocolate roll or the mocha roll, but gosh, and lakas
maka tempt nitong small round cake na to.. and guess what? it is not expensive huh.. 
you can have it for only 160php.. 
as you can see, our cake is almost 1/4 na lang hahhaha.. we've finished the other half.
partida it is just me and Ivy who ate it all..
uhmm okay, I gave 1 slice to my cousin.. lol.
and the rest of it, are in our tummy... happy tummy, stress were gone,, hooray 

See our big smiles ^_^

Moving on..

last Friday, when I was busy browsing my old Fb account,\
and looking at  Ivy's old photos,I noticed one thing..
Like NERISSA , nag wonder rin ako bigla, and na surprise.. 
with this pose..

strike 1

Okay,.. siguro naman hindi siya na stiff neck... jan.. 

well. I guess.. Ivy has may pinagmanahan really... 
at magpapatunay na we are really mother and daughter.. ^_^



See,, CONFIRMED.. my daughter is mana sa akin lol  ^_^ same pose..
nakatabingi ang ulo whahahhah.. So mommy Nerissa.. ikaw rin, hanap ka na ng pic mo
na same kayo ng pose ni NEO.. lol.

That's it guy's


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