Thursday, October 17, 2013

Someone is selfie addict

Nowadays selfie's are everywhere.
most especially in a networking site.

Well, someone here in our house is really addicted to it.

wanna know..

Who is it?

None other than..


She is na talaga.. weew.. puro picture niya ang alam ng phone ko..
dinaig pa ko.. ako siguro.. 2 or 3

at syempre, if She has a selfie, dinamay pa niya ko..


So what can you say about the selfie little lady.. yes.. Little Lady na yan..

magkamukha kami db... okay, say na hindi daw.. oh well, pag magkatabi kami
matulog,hindi na mapagkakaila.. lol

There you go guy's

Sorry for the poor photo quality, taken from phone lang kasi.


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