Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Papa John's Treat.

Hello there,

What's up guy's?

I hope everyone is well and safe.. Most especially those people
in Cebu and Bohol.

well moving on.,.

Last month I joined in  Papa Johns Pizza giveaway.
all we need to do is tell what is the worst gift that you have
received in your life?

here is my answer: The worst gift that I received was the bag tag, it was during our
kris kringle and the theme would be somethinin.. cute,for me it is not cute really
because it looks like pambata as in.

Well, I did not win, but Papa John's Pizza is soo generous
because they gave us the consolation prize..

So what is our consolation prize..

Gift certificate courtesy of papa johns
See the smile of the little girl, beside me.. She is soo happy.. lol

What did we eat?

garden special

Ok!! Fine,. sayo nga yan anak.. relax lang..

Merry Berry strawberry 
do you know, that she finishes it all.. grabehh !

The flags are really cute isn't it?

The dining area:

Thank you Papa john's for this.. We really enjoyed the pizza and we really loved it..
We dined Papa john's Pizza Sm Megamall. The staffs are nice and  the place is clean.


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