Friday, October 18, 2013

September Commenter .

Konichiwa.. ^_^

Remember guy's I told you that I have won being a commenter for the month of
September to a blog of  Ms. Rochelle Rivera .

I suddenly felt in love with her blog, I don't know,why
basta bigla na lang ako na hook. and came to my surprise na binabalik-balikan
ko na ang blog niya.. hihihi..


last Tuesday , I got my prize from her.

Lemme show you.

So neat. package right?

My model

Well, as you can see..enjoy naman siya.. at hindi ako nakatikim niyan lol..


Thank you so much.. Ms.Rochelle Rivera for these sweets.. they are all gone
in just a minute hahhha.. Thank you .. Thank you ^_^


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