Wednesday, September 4, 2013


Happy Wednesday sister's..

Whoo. time flies.. really fast..

Freezee.. Freezee.. Freezee muna pls..

I know, I still have 8 working days to go, before I bid my final goodbye here
our company, but gosh!

Why, i have a feeling of a bit sadness..
It is my choice and own decision,but why?

Okay, maybe because i am going to miss a lot of things in here. such as colleagues.
my computer..a circle of friends that I have here.

and because of that I wanted to throw my reminiscing. ayiiiee..

First I will surely miss my very first Morning Family.

 * WARNING Picture overload *

2008 First Christmas Party

Dec.2009 2nd Christmas party

Dec 2010 3rd Christmas Party 

Our 2009 and 2010 Christmas party had a same Venue, only @ The country spice at PSE Bldg.

Year 2010, when I won in a raffle, and I got an induction cooker.. 

DEC 2011 Christmas party

This party held at KFC Megamall.. and we got the Birthday party package.. hihihi.. 
a team picture, when we won in a game, in order to win in this game, kelangan mo ng isang 
napakatinding kapal ng mukha.. nasukat ang kakapalan ng mukha ko jan, ng when I borrowed a 
shoe lace to one of the customer inside KFC.. oh huh! gamitin ang ganda ( echos) 
sorry, i forgot the name of the game, but t'was indeed Fun. 

Dec 2012 Christmas party

Our Dec 2012 Christmas party just held inside our office, to cost cut .But yet, it was one of the nicest one.
Every had fun, and sobrang ang haba ng oras ng party. party. lol.

and to ease your boredom because of seeing these pictures.Lemme share you
guy's my one and only kahihiyan , that I have ever done in my life..and only in our company lang,
for the sake of Ice cream,, ahhahhaha..

It is just an activity in our group. katuwaan lang, yet may prize .

Ice cream...

That's it for now..



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