Sunday, September 1, 2013

bata pano ka ginawa?

Happy Sunday everyone..

How's your weekend guy's? 

mine is not that good, I have a very  terrible headache.. so 
I almost asleep whole
I have monthly visitor pa ...

Anyway..early this morning, while Ivy is having her oatmeal for breaky..
oatmeal+milk+banana in it.. 1 bowl simot sarap..
then she drank 1full of glass of Milk... yay!

Then, while She is eating , she asked me random questions,.

Ivy: Ma, pano ginawa ang oatmeal?
Me; ummmm.i don't know.
Ivy: pano nga? 
Me; i don't know nga po.

finally she moved on,, 

then a minute of silence.. 


Ivy; Ma? bakit ka nabuntis?
Me; HUH??? (nanlaki ang mata ko) uhmmm 
Ivy? pano ka nabuntis?
Me; i don't know.. 
Ivy; hindi mo alam, kung pano ?
Me: malalaman mo rin pag laki  mo..

Whaaaaaaaaaaaaa... saklolo.. ano ba ang dapat na sagot sa tanong..

It is hard to answer that question coming from an 8year old girl..

Children nowadays are really a lot of curiosity..

Ivy is so madaldal at home, and she is bombarding me with her random
questions and it was non stop . continous question of why? why? and how?

hmmmm.. If you were Me. how will you answer her question above?



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