Thursday, September 5, 2013

"For Bebengisms Birthday Cyber Party"

Good afternoon everyone..

Its Thursday  once again.hooray and of course ,
hello weekend again.. Time really flies so fast.. siggh.. paulit ulit ko na lang sinasabi to ah.
I am starting my countdown already, because I only have 7 working days na lang here in our office ( mix emotions)

Well, well, well, this entry is not about me..

It is all for Mommy Denise,, It's her birthday month so
she she throwing a Birthday Cyber Party ( bongga ) cyber party....

Mommy Denise ikaw na..

Mommy Denise of Bebengisms is now 29 years old.. ( wow ka age pala kita )
She is a Born again Christian,she sings well huh.. and She sings for God, with her
whole heart.. ( nadala me sa kanta at pati ako napa kanta) good Choice of song.
ganda naman talaga eh..

Allright..since we are the same age, and since i missed to post 29 things about me during
my birthday..well here is the time to do it..


Here are the facts about me:

1. Im a single Mom..everyone knows about it already.
2. Im an online teacher for 5 years, but soon to be WAHM (hopefully)
3. In a relationship
4. I'm scared of frog.(d ko keri yan)
5. I was born as a blue baby
6. I am a soft hearted woman.
7. I cry easily.
8. I am not tall ( mahal ako ng lupa eh)
9. I am Cancerian
10. I sometimes shout ( only if galit na galit na )
11. I know how to keep my temper.
12. I am kind
13. I am sweet
14. I am cute ( charot)
15. I am a devoted Catholic.
16. I am sometimes loner ( mostly pag brokenhearted)
17. I am shy type of woman.
18. I am living separately from my family for 4years now.
19. I am quite childish.
20. I sometimes selfish. ( depende sa sitwasyon )
21. I enjoy blogging now.
22. I am not fond of watching TV or any Movie ( i don't know why? )
23. I prefer to listen to music than watching. ( nasagot na ang tanong na why?)
24. I only have 4 inaanaks. ( yes,! tipid ang pasko)
25. I dont know how to swim.
26. I am frustrated to be a millionaire.
27. I want to learn how to drive.=)
28. I am bunso sa first family.
29. I am strong woman, with God's help.

Wow, natapos ko ang 29 things about me.. Hooray..!!

and because of that napiga ang utak ko.. lol..

That's it.



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