Monday, September 2, 2013

I dreamt of my Mom.

This story happened last year,,
and It is still clearly in my mind.

When Pj and I are about to break up, due to my stupidity and flaws..

I cried like there is no tomorrow, I remember that I also did a
hunger strike.( lol)

Then I just stayed in our room, slept almost whole day,
I am not talking to anyone aside from Ivy, who used to give me
water always..hahaha.( sweetlittlegirl)

when the night come's. I prayed to God, and called my real Mom's presence.

I ask her to help me, for what I am going through, help me to
ease the pain and so on and so on. and again with a cried like
a child ( with hikbi) Swear..

Then, I suddenly fall asleep because of crayola galore.

When I am in my deep sleep,. I dreamt that I am crying pa rin.
( hanggang panaginip cry pa rin )

I don't know, where I am exactly that time, but all I know is,
I feel sad still even in my dream.

Then, It came to my surprised when someone called me
coming from far wearing white..

and she said.

her: Anak ikaw na ba yan?
Me; Ma?
Her; Ang laki mo na, ang ganda ganda mo na.
Me; Ma, nahihirapan na ko, please tulungan mo naman ako.
Her; Kaya mo yan, kung ano man ang pinagdadaanan mo ngayon, kaya mo yan..

and She hugged me so tight and Kissed me..

I was crying still in my dream, and it wokes wakes me up..
I am crying na pala talaga, I still have tears in my eyes when I woke up..

What can I say? Thank you Ma,even you are not here with us,
you are still there to guide me, you are still there watching me.
I know, I was just 3 years old when you passed away and I do not
have any memories of yours.But then, during that night, when I asked
your presence you came even in my dream just to comfort me...



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