Friday, August 16, 2013

What a surprised.!

It's Friday once again and I know, everyone is looking forward
for this weekend?

Why not? We can spend our day and time with our precious loved one's.

any plans for this weekend?

Well, Ivy is kept on bugging me to malling.. OMG.. With specific
place Megamall..  sigh...!

anyhoo. that is not the main topic here hookay..!

When I arrived here in our office and checked on my email.
there's one email, who caught my attention and of course if surprised me, and it made my day.

I am Soo happy, big time =)

and since I wanted to share you guy's why I am happy today..

Well here you go!


email notification

Hooray.. another winning in a giveaway? Ain't I lucky in a giveaway?

Well,actually I literally forgot that i joined there, promise.
but then, It is really for me and Ivy. hahahha..
Lemme show you.

animal print jumpsuit (photo grabbed from Mommy Tina's blog )

I would like to say Thank you Lord, for this another Blessing, that you gave me,
I am not expecting it.

and also I would like to say thank you to Mommy Tina Santiago-Rodriguez
 the author behind  Truly Rich Mom.

I can't wait to try it on, so better watch out guy's, because
as soon as I received that, Ivy and I will try it on, and will show it up
to you... ( kayo ang huhusga if babagay sakin ) LOL

Well, that's it for now.. and may you guy's enjoy your weekend..^_^


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