Monday, August 12, 2013

Good news!

Happy Rainy Monday everyone!

How's the long weekends of your bagets?? nakows. Mine is really happy.

Earlier, she had a chit chat with her aunt's and uncle..
thru Fb video chatting.

Okay.. I haven't told you that they are really reeally close..

because mga bata pa sila,  my younger  sister is only 7 turning 8 years old..(ka age lang ni Ivy )

I swear.I still have younger siblings.and I love themm.. swear, hindi lang halata..

Moving on , I have told you here that we took a basic grammar test here
in our office and , honestly when we are talking about grammar, it is not
easy?is it?

Well,the good news is  I PASSED the test, and it is really a big relieved.
I got a compliment from our trainer that I have a big improvement compared to our
previous test..Which is really big.. hooray!!

Okay,Moving on, I told you guy's last Friday that i have an interview today.

Actually, I wasn't able to come, because of our weather..I just asked them a re- schedule of it.

I just don't like to face my interviewer with a basang sisiw look.and I don't
know how to reach the said building, so I might get Lost.. ( wala ko pang Cab )

Okay. yun muna for now. I just wanted to share you all my happiness. ^_^


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